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  • Mudville Show 2004
  • Chuck Kraemer's 5 Minute Video of Nan and the 2002 Mudville Show
  • East Wing 2008: Sheep Container, Hippo Bowl, Giraffe Salt Shaker, Amazon Parrot Mug, Adelie Penguin Vase
  • West Wing 2008: Duck with Ducklings Container, Angelfish Container, Lion Bowl, Cheetah Bowl, Ostrich Salt Shaker, Zebra Salt Shaker, Snake Mug, Garden Mug, Anteater Bowl, Elephant Bowl
  • Dog Wing 2008: Airedales Nose to Nose Bowl, Digging Airedales Container, Airedales Around the World Bowl, Airedale Play Bites Shaker, Terrier Chase Mug
  • East Wing 2007: Goat Portrait Jar, Cardinals and Grapes Vase, Wild Cats Platter, Frog Cookie Jar, Sheep Porcelain Shaker, Clownfish Bowl, Mice in the Garden Jar, Octopus Teapot, Kangaroo Mug, Wild Horses Vase, Reindeer Vase
  • West Wing 2007: Crow Jar, Rabbit Jar, Raccoon Teapot, Snail Bowl, Maine Island Platter, Farm Animals Platter, Barred Owl Jar, Beetle Jar, Flamingo Shaker, Crow Shaker, Obedience Class Shaker, Triggerfish Bowl, Sweetlips Platter, Balloon Vase, Birdhouse Bowl, Camel Teapot, Chicken Teapot, Two Fish Mugs, Meet and Greet Dog Mug, Animals and Bouquets Mug, Butterfly Porcelain Vase
  • Dog Wing 2007: Airedales in the Teddy Bear Factory, Hattie Portrait Container, Airedales Play in Leaves Pitcher, Airedale PlayBow Platter, Airedale Alphabet Bowl, Airedales by the Stream Jar, Airedale Puppy Salt Shaker, Airedales and Koi Cup and Saucer, Airedale and Toys Bowl, Airedale Doghouse Teapot, Airedales and Flies Mug, Airedales in the Woods Porcelain Vase
  • East Wing 2006: Basset Hound Bowl, Flying Owls Bowl, Scottish Highland Cow Pot, Lemonade Pitcher, Toucan Bowl, Goldfish Salt Shaker, Striped Lemur Vase, Little Critters Container, Zebra Bowl, Wild Roses and Cows Vase, Goldfinch and Sparrow Mugs, Crow Bowl
  • West Wing 2006: Candle Bowl, White Dove Vase, Carved Rim Mice Bowl, Carved Rim Cat Bowl, Carved Rim Sparrow Bowl, Burrowing Owls Vase, Owloween Jar, Puffin Pot, Meadowlark Pot, Cat on Cushion Pot, Lion Pitcher, Songbird Pitcher, Alligator Bowl, Elephant Bowl, Snake Shaker, Trumpeter Swan Shaker, Flower Teapot, Flowers Mug, Magpie Vase, Curly Sheep Jar, Dried Flowers Pots, Nestlings Vase, Parakeet Vase, Countryside Mug, Cat and Kitten Mug
  • Dog Wing 2006: Airedales and Gifts Pitcher, Carved Rim Airedale Bowl, Airedales and Pumpkins Container, Airedales Play Stick Jar, Sitting Pretty Airedale Pitcher, Sleepytime Airedale Bowl, Airedale Suppertime Shaker, Airedales and Balls Bowl, Airedales and Tulips Cookie Jar, Phoebe Looks Out Jar, Airedales in the Woods Vase, Airedales Say Hello Mugs
  • East Wing 2005: White Rabbit Porcelain Platter, Black Cat with Crows Vase, Cookie Recipe Jar, Black and White Swan Pot, Rowboats and the Dock Bowl, Seals and Penguins Shaker, Elephant Teapot, Porcelain Violet Bowl, Climbing Bears Vase, Spotted Owl Mug, Pigs on the Edge Bowl, Rabbit Salt Shaker
  • West Wing 2005: Pig Bowl, Porcelain Fish Bowl, Pelican Platter, Onion Platter, Spider Web Vase, Skeleton Bowl, Lizard Cookie Jar, Hens and Rooster Cookie Jar, Shore Birds Pot, Dolphin Pot, Scallop Shell Bowl, Seagull Beach Bowl, Painted Turtle Salt Shaker, Goldfinch salt Shaker, Crows in Sunflowers Salt Shaker, Duckling and Chick Teapot, Colt Teapot, Iris Jar, Dall Lambs Plate, Brown Bear Pitcher, Dancing Bears Bowl, Sea Otter Mug, Hippo Mug, Swamp Mug, Countryside Bowl, Vegetable Bowl
  • Dog Wing 2005: Airedales and Ribbons Bowl, Running Airedale Platter, Airedales in Cornfield Vase, Dogs and Milk Bones Jar, Airedales Looking Over the Edge Jar, Airedales under Beach Umbrellas Jar, Airedale Salt Shaker, Airedale Puppy Play Teapot, Airedale in the Garden Vase, Airedale and Teddy Bear Pot, Airedales and Cats Mug, Airedale Begging Bowl
  • East Wing 2004: Sloth Bowl, Yard Birds Pot, Marsh Hawk Vase, Elephants with Bouquets Bowl, Mouse Maze Platter, Chickadee Pitcher, Koi Platter, Drinking Elephant Mug, Polar Bear Bowl, Camel Oasis Mug, Standing Rabbit Vase, Chubby Pigs Cookie Jar
  • West Wing 2004: Four and Twenty Blackbirds Bowl, Ostrich Vase, Fall Leaves Vase, Rooster Salt, Swimming Ducks Shaker, Jersey Cows Bowl, Running Tiger Bowl, Leap frog Bowl, Create-a-Fish Jar, Preening Goose Jar, Watendlath Sheep Jar, Giraffes Vase, Llamas Vase, Monkeys on Monkey Bars Vase, Egret Bowl, Anteater Bowl, Snake Saucer, Mouse Salt Shaker, Mouse Cookie Jar, Sleeping Cat Bowl, Sheep Pitcher, Fish Pitcher, African Sable Platter, Crowned Crane Platter, Burrowing Owls Bowl, Yellow Cuck Bowl, Toasting Animal Mug, Mermaid Mug, Frogs and Flies Mug, Siamese Cat Vase, Grey Bird Vase, Cruising The Countryside Cookie Jar, Wild Horses Cookie Jar
  • Dog Wing 2004: Airedale on the Porch Pot, Airedale Pillow Party, Hazel Jar, Airedales in the Country Vase, Airedale Inside Garden Bowl, Airedales and Mice Mug, Airedales on a Hill Pitcher, Nose to Nose Airedale Platter, Barking Bowl, Airedale and Sailboats Mug, Airedale and Butterflies Vase, Airedales in Snow Bowl
  • East Wing 2003: Owl and Rabbits Salt Shaker, Parade Bowl, Crow in Corn Vase, Dachshund Vase, Seagull Bowl, Zebra Vase, Rabbit Salt Shaker, Duckling Pot, Goldfinch Jar, Penguin Vase, Flamingo Dish, Alphabet Parade Bowl
  • West Wing 2003:Fish Soup Bowl, Duck Soup Bowl, Pigs in Apple Orchard Vase, Countryside Jar, Dalmation Salt Shaker, Doggy Day Care Vase, Pelican Pitcher, Beach Vase, Colorful Fish Platter, Tiger Jar, Garden Pot, Pansy Vase, Owlet Vase, Egg Salt Shaker, Egg Bowl, Persian Kitten Jar, Lizard Container, Elephant Hugs Bowl, Ducks and Bunnies Bowls, Flamingo Vase, Flamingo Mug
  • Dog Wing 2003: Airedales in a Forest Bowl, Airedale and Chickens Teapot, Airedales Do Laundry Bowl, Airedale Swimming with Goslings Mug, Airedales at the Picket Fence, Airedales and Tulips, Airedale Puppy Pot, Hattie Porcelain Jar, Kissing Airedales Jar, Airedales at the Beach Jar
  • East Wing 2002: Circling Carp Plate, Spider Web Dish, Porcelain Garden Bunny Vase, Cow Pitcher, Carousel Bowl, Black Clay Tiger Vase, Hey Diddle Salt Shaker, Puffin Vase, Colorful Fish Bowl, Three Lions Container, Swan Night Light
  • West Wing 2002:Giraffe Vase, Red Crowned Crane Plate, Kangaroo Plate, Garter Snake Jar, Black Cat Bowl, Bat Vase, Zebra Finch Container, Highland Calf Container, Talkative Ducks Container, Fish Pitcher, Shady Pond Pitcher with Swans, Flying Sparrow Bowl, Three Condiment Bowls, Bunny Vase, Swan Vase, Meadow Salt Shaker, Dancing Frogs Salt Shaker, Hippo Salt Shaker, Sheep Vase, Rooster Vase, Magpie Bowl, Alligator Bowl, Barnyard Container, Raccoon Container, Spring Bouquet Night Light, Toucan Night Light, Owl Night Light
  • Dog Wing 2002: Dog Alphabet Bowl, Airedale Star Plate, Costume Party Parade, Digging Airedale Container, Airedale Head Container, Airedale Picnic Pitcher, Sniffing Airedales Vase, Airedales at the Table Salt Shaker, Front to Back Airedale Vase, Airedale Lawn Party Bowl, Airedales Nose to Nose, Airedale Night Light
  • East Wing 2001: Black and White Horses Bowl, Day and Night Landscape Bowl, Lots of Bunnies on a Mug, Ducks and Hens Mug, Butterfly Pot, Lambs in Spring Vase, Friendly Frogs Bowl, Cat Dreams Platter, Summer Flower Pitcher, Badger Pot, Kids and Circus Pot
  • West Wing 2001: Red Clay Egyptian Motif Pitcher, Red Clay Owl Jar, Mice Skating Party Bowl, Hats and Mittens Bowl, Crow Mug, Cat and Kittens Mug, Marten Lidded Pot, Angelfish Pot, Poppies Vase, Big Horned Sheep Vase, Here's Looking at Ewe Bowl, Pig Watch Bowl, Puffin Party Platter, Fruit Platter, Peacock Pitcher, Pear Pitcher, Swamp Creatures Jar, Kids and Frog in Spring Jar, Two Cows Jar, Mice at School Jar, Raccoons Cookie Jar, Smell the Roses Mug, Clown Mug, Sheep Mug
  • Dog Wing 2001: Airedales at the Fence, Airedales and Pumpkins, Three Airedales Playing, Airedales at the Pond, Pups and Pigs, Open Bitches Conformation Bowl, Airedales and Lillies, Frankie and Hazel, Airedales with Snowman Mug, Airedale Watching You Bowl with Scalloped Rim
  • East Wing 2000: Elephant with Raised Trunks Vase, Cut Rim Standing Polar Bear Vase, Stones on Stoneware Bowl, Animals in the Garden Plate, Ibis Jar, Cardinals on Black Clay Vase, Carved Rim Tree Frog Bowl, Polar Bears and Foxes Bowl, Red Clay Wren Chick Bowl, Circus Train Bowl, Deer in Snow Jar, Burrowing Owl Jar
  • West Wing 2000: Elephant Family Teapot, Shy Rabbits Black Clay Vase, Gotwits Vase, Shell Bowl, Feather Bowl, Autumn Leaves Plate, Animal Line Dance Jar, Clownfish Jar, Camel Jar, Golden Eagle Bowl, Black Ravens Vase, School of Bluegills Bowl, Teddy Bears Picnic Bowl, Striped Sweetlips Vase, Circus Teapot, Animals Riding Bareback Mug, Baby Penguins Jar, Kestrel Jar
  • Dog Wing 2000: Hills and Airedales Red Clay Jar, Share Your Dinner with Airedales Plate, Airedale Chase Candlestick, Airedale and Squirrel Candlestick, Airedales with Turtle Candlestick, Airdales in Sunflowers Vase, Six Breeds Moving Heads Jar, Airedale Salt Shaker, Airedales Dream Chase Bowl, Nine Airedale Mug, Eleven Airedale Mug, Airedale with Quirky Ear Jar, Airedales and Flies Red Clay Jar, Happy Airedales Jar
  • East Wing 1999: Elephant Jar, Chickens Creamer and Sugar Bowl, Elks under Aspens Pitcher, Windows Jar, Bee Eaters Vase, Zebra on Red Clay Vase, Carved Rim Hippo Bowl, Butterflies on Red Clay Vase, Black Clay Cat Jar
  • West Wing 1999: Frogs Leaping through Bowl, Sunflower Pitcher, Egret Platter, Toucan Platter, Swan Pitcher, Lion's Head Jar, Ptarmigan Jar, Owl on Black Clay Pot
  • Dog Wing 1999: Airedales in Flowers Teapot, Dinah Running through Woods Jar, Airedales and Cat Inspect Toad Mug, Airedales under Fall Trees Red Clay Bowl, Airedale Cat Rabbit Turtle Bowl, Many Breeds Dog Jar, Sitting Airedales on Red Clay Pot, Cherry Cabinet with Airedale Tiles, Airedale and Cats Mug


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