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Here are some links to sites I find useful and enjoyable:

Pottery and art related sites:

  • The Big Ceramic Store is a great source for all things related to the world of pottery and ceramics. These folks are very people oriented. I've been amazed to receive return emails at weird times, like late Sunday afternoon. They are extremely helpful with technical advice. They specialize in on-line orders, have excellent prices and get everything out fast.

  • Axner Pottery Supply is another good place for underglazes, pottery tools, and assorted hobby supplies such as clockworks, corks, magnets, etc. They are fast, helpful and really nice people. I would suggest you contact them to receive their chock-full catalog. We get our clay and glaze materials locally from Corey Ceramics at (781) 848-2772 in Braintree, MA. They supply us with clays from the East Coast clays of Laguna Clay.

  • ClayStation.com is "Cyber Space's Grand Central Station for the Ceramic Arts." Andy Clift has links to artists, classes, suppliers and other ceramic related web sites, like PotteryAuction.com. His site is easy to negotiate and is huge. Surf the alphabetized list of ceramic artists to see what's happening in the field.

  • CeramicSculpture.com is an award-winning internet gallery where you can tour displays of leading people in the ceramic arts. They have over 200 ceramic artworks on display, including functional ceramics. They have links to potters worldwide.

  • Artopia is an on-line portfolio of fine arts and crafts in New England. The beautiful photos are taken by Steve Gyurina, who I highly recommend if you are in the Boston area and need someone to document your work. Some of my pieces are in this gallery.

  • Dog related sites:

  • Sidney's Web Site is where you can find out all about Airedale Terriers. This wonderful website, hosted by Sidney Hardie, is not just about Airedales. Here you can find articles and information on training, dog books, breeding, puppies, and lots more.

  • Lesley Mattuchio's Web Site provides a wealth of photographs. There are great pictures of my dogs, but more importantly, wonderful agility photos, wildlife pictures - especially birds, and some of her custom work. A top-notch site.
  • Clean Run publishes a terrific magazine about dog agility. To subscribe, go to their website, but there's lots more here, including an agility event calendar, results, training tips,and a link to the agility web ring.

  • White Dog Bone is a family run company who supplies our household with rawhide and other dog treats. I order their econo ships and irregulars in 5 pound bags and toss them out like potato chips to my gang. Their dog beds are excellent, too.

  • Food related sites:

  • The Baker's Catalogue, from King Arthur's Flour, is my favorite source for things like dried fruit, baking chocolates, and a multitude of other hard to find baking needs.

  • Sunnyland Farms has the freshest, most flavorful nuts I know. I order each year and store the nuts in the freezer.

  • Epicurious.com is a site has a great recipe search engine as well as lots of other cooking information. This is a site where you can spend lots of time.

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