Scooby and Scamper

Scooby and Scamper,Airedales Scooby and Scamper,Airedales
Scooby, on the left, was an amazing dog - gentle as can be with the family, yet very protective around strangers. Scooby would let his dad pick him up with his forepaws on his shoulders and his back paws around his waist, an 80 pound lap dog. He had kind of a slow relaxed way about him, but he could be a rascal when he wanted to. Scooby liked to snap rather than bark; when he was talking, he would snap his teeth together. Scamper is the newest member of the family. He came as a year old rescue. At first, he was not very well socialized with other dogs, though with people he was fine. Scamper has taken on a lot of the traits that Scooby had. He's extremely smart and frisky and loves to play fetch. He recently found an old football that belonged to Scooby and carries it around everywhere. Maybe Scamper is guiding him...
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