Airedale Airedale

Peach Touchstones facial expression indicated perpetual concern and she stopped just short of wringing her paws over minor decisions of etiquette. But the demure facade hid the heart of a hunter and an adventuress. It was dainty Peach who wound up under a black bear, Peach who fought the copperhead (a lose/lose proposition for each of them), Peach who got the poison toad, Peach who routinely vanished from the pack on hikes. Repeated failures to devise any sort of yard system that could contain her led one to believe she had opposable thumbs. Her jailbreaks made her the object of numerous search parties of friends and neighbors over a period of almost 16 years. The last great escape took place when she was 15 years 7 months old, and we could not help but be grudgingly darn proud of her. Vaya con Dios beloved friend. May you lead a heavenly posse on a chase through the stars.

July 26, 1998 - May 31, 2014

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