Lucky Lucky

It was 2006. Katy, age 7, needed an Airedale buddy. A breeder nearby had a 4 year-old named Django available so Katy and her family drove down to meet her, a lovely, chunky lady. In the same enclosure, off in a corner, was a skinny little Airedale with a wood chip in her mouth. It was apparent she had recently given birth. She had big floppy ears, large feet, and her hair grew out at odd angles, especially her eyebrows. When the breeder called her, "Lucky" trotted over, put her front paws on the top of the fence and stretched like a big, goofy cat. Then she looked at them as if to say, "I'll love you, too, if you want." And she did, for more than 8 wonderful years. Lucky was one of those dogs you want around forever.

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