Bulldog Bulldog

Chezwick Guerra Chezwick is a loveable, lazy, 70-lb English bulldog who absolutely adores people. He is happiest when he is the center of attention, but with that face, he rarely isn't. He's loves outdoors, an explorer when he's lively and a sunbather when he's feeling lazy. The rest of the time, he lounges around the house, gnawing on his "blue bone" - his pacifier because he always falls asleep with it in his mouth. HIs favorite game is "take away" with a red rubber ball which he guards with his mouth and gripping paws. The minute you approach, his nub starts wagging hysterically, playfully growling the closer you get to the ball. If you succeed in grabbing it, he's quick to fetch the ball, then hop on his couch and do it all over again. He is a talker, with many sounds and whines, and is never too busy to follow you to the kitchen in case something edible (or not) falls to the floor. Chezwick is a huge part of the life of his family, always has been, always will be, even after he moves on.

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