Hand Painted Pottery with Animal and Dog Art by Nan Hamilton Boston MA

Price List - Pots 2014

Peacock Vase

$250 (sold)

Alligator Bowl

$220 (sold)

Pig Pitcher

$225 (sold)

Ducks and Ducklings Bowl

$190 (sold)

Leaves Vase

$400 (NFS)

Bunny Salt Shaker

$150 (sold)

Sparrow Bowl

$95 (sold)

Pink Flower Bowl

$75 (sold)

Four Cups Set

$200 (sold)

Fish Vase

$300 (sold)

Cat and Kittens Bowl

$165 (sold)

Triangle Vase

$240 (sold)

Peach Flowered Bowl

$125 (sold)

Narcissis Pot

$110 (sold)

Quelea Vase

$275 (sold)

Cat and Yarn Mug

$55 (sold)

Pigs Bowl

$250 (sold)

Tigers Cup

$100 (sold)

Great Egret Bowl

$200 (sold)

Warblers Cup

$140 (sold)

Dragonfly Bowl

$150 (sold)

Dancing Bears Pot

$200 (sold)

Penguin Plate

$225 (sold)

Coneflower Bowl

$100 (sold)

Little Critters Bowl

$110 (sold)

Cow Teapot

$100 (sold)

Children Reading Mug

$80 (sold)

Blue Flower Vase

$60 (sold)

Hummingbird Mug

$85 (sold)

Plover Mug

$65 (sold)

Leopard Plate

$375 (sold)

Owls in Forest Bowl

$100 (sold)

Robin Bowl

$195 (sold)

Hens and Chicks Bowl

$100 (sold)

Alphabet Bowl

$100 (sold)

Dogs in Boots Mug

$50 (sold)

Snowy Owl Teapot

$180 (sold)

Goat Vase

$225 (sold)

Animals and Flowers Bowl

$210 (sold)

Flamingo Mug

$55 (sold)

Antique-like Bowl

$40 (sold)

Snail Mug

$40 (sold)

Blue Fish Mug

$40 (sold)

Banded Mug

$35 (sold)

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We've done our best to represent colors accurately, but the color calibration of the computer monitors can vary considerably.
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