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These four colorful hens
proudly circle this vase.
This stoneware vase is
4 1/2" wide and 5 3/4" high.
Look up! Look down! Flying critters share
this pot with their earth-bound friends.
This porcelain pot is
4 3/4" wide and 4 1/2" high.
The Caribbean flamingo is brightly colored
pink due to the crustaceans in their diet.
This stoneware vase is
4” wide and 6 1/4 " high.
This family of owls will help
keep your coffee or tea warm.
This stoneware mug is 3 1/2" wide,
5" high and holds 16 oz.
An octopus has wrapped itself
around this pot in a deep blue sea.
This stoneware vase is
5 1/2" wide and 5" high.
Hummingbirds get their name from
the sound their wings make while flying.
This porcelain shaker is
2 1/2" wide and 3 1/4" high.
Three spiders lurk, hoping
a bug will land on this vase.
This stoneware vase is
5 1/2" wide and 6".
Most robin pairs try to raise
three broods of chicks each year.
This stoneware mug is 3 1/2" wide,
4 3/4" high and holds 18 oz.
Mama lion and her four cubs
keep company on this little shaker.
This porcelain shaker is
3 1/4" wide and 2 1/2" high.
A chorus of birds serenade
three cats and three Airedales.
This stoneware pitcher is 4 1/2" wide,
5 1/4" high and holds 26 oz.
Flowers, squirrels and birds festoon
this carved red stoneware vase.
This stoneware vase is
4 3/4" wide and 6 3/4" high.
The pot-bellied thrush is one of
the first birds you hear in the morning.
This porcelain shaker is
3" wide and2 1/2".
Sing the alphabet song as you
rotate this carved rim bowl.
This porcelain bowl is
5" wide and 3" high.

You don’t have to win a race
to have a wreath of flowers on your table.
This porcelain bowl is
5 1/2" wide and 2 1/2" high.
This simple little vase is begging
for a cluster of bright colored flowers.
This carved stoneware vase
is 3 1/2" wide and 4" high.

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