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Below you'll find some of the pots that come from the kiln in 2015.
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In a race that never ends, these
animals will chase each other forever.
This stoneware bowl is 9"
wide and 2 1/4" high.
The semipalmated plover
is a beautiful little shorebird.
This porcelain bowl is 4"
wide and 2 1/4" high.
Many dogs, mostly
sitting pretty.
This stoneware mug is
4" wide,
3/4" high and holds 12 oz.
It is impossible for egrets
to look anything but elegant.
This porcelain vase is 3 1/2"
wide and 5 3/4" high.
Fall is the season for pears - barlett,
comice, anjou - and they are yummy!
This stoneware pitcher is 5 1/4" wide
and 5 3/4" high and holds 2 cups.
Two solemn triggerfish swim
lazily around this sea blue mug.
This stoneware mug is 3 1/2" wide
and 3 3/4" high and holds 12 oz.
These little parakeets will perch on your table,
there to serve you salt or cinnamon sugar.
This porcelain shaker is 3"
wide and 3 1/4" high.
The carved surface on this vase
is detailed with black underglaze.
This stoneware vase is 5 1/4"
wide and 5 3/4" high.
If you look closely, you
might see two bunny noses wiggle.
This stoneware plate
is 7 1/2" wide and 1" high.
Five swans at rest
creates a serene scene.
This porcelain bowl is 4 1/2"
wide and 2 1/4" high.
We can go to
a dog park
and make some
new friends.
This stoneware pot is 4 1/2"
wide and 3" high.
On a bowl that is glazed inside and raw
outside, these rabbits keep on running.
This stoneware bowl is 5 1/2"
wide and 2" high.
This curious goat wants to know
if you will put a snack in his reach.
This stoneware dish is 6"
wide and 1" high.
Which crow gets the red ribbon
to weave into his nest?
This porcelain bowl is 5 1/2"
wide and 3" high.
Most terriers, from puppies to
seniors, think tug is a great game.
This stoneware bowl is 4 3/4"
wide and 2 1/4" high.
Highland cattle look like ancient mastodons
but are fairly small and as friendly as dogs.
This stoneware low bowl is 8 1/2"
wide and 1 1/2" high.

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