The Mudville Show 2004

The Mudville Show 2004

The weekend of December 10 -12, the 2004 Mudville Show was held. Nan's pots were featured as well as pottery by Ray Duvall, who also teaches at Mudville. Twenty of their students also displayed and sold their work. Nan's show pots can be seen in the West Wing 2003 and West Wing 2004 of the Gallery, along with the selling prices. The pictures you'll find below aren't as clear as the individual pictures in the gallery, but you can see how the studio was set up and what it was like to be there.

This the main table of where Nan's pots were displayed. Pots that were auctioned on Saturday morning were put on white pieces of paper with their starting bids.

This is a closer view of the main table.

Besides the front table and shelves behind them, there were a lot more pots just as you came in the door, to the right...

and here are more.

These are some of Ray's graceful pots.

Every surface in the studio was covered with pots. There were well over 500 pots! The pots pictured here were done by Meryl Brenner.

Friday night there was a party with lots of food and drink while people walked around checking out all the pots.

At 11:00 Saturday morning, the auction began. Paul Gibson, everybody's favorite auctioneer, swung into action as Nan's brother Clayton, here from Arizona for the show, displayed the pots.

Here Paul's taking a bid from our youngest (and very competent!) bidder, then Lesley, Clayton, Nan and Paul have a laugh during a break in the action.

At the end of the day, lots of people went home with their favorite pots and a good time was had by all. We hope to see you at the next show in 2006.

Thanks for Lesley Mattuchio and Lynn Sweezy for taking pictures.

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