Chuck Kraemer at the Mudville Show 2002

Chuck Kraemer at Mudville 2002

Chuck Kraemer, a familiar figure in TV journalism in Boston, has been producing award-winning work for more than 25 years. Chuck has been an arts critic, a feature reporter, and general commentator, appearing first on Channel 5, the Boston ABC affiliate, and now on the Channel 2, WGBH program, Greater Boston. This fall he decided to do a piece on Nan's work and the Mudville show.

To see this piece, you need to have QuickTime on your computer. If you don't, you can download the latest version of QuickTime. It's easy, only takes a minute, and it's free!

There are three ways you can see this piece:

Mudville56k(200x150).mov A low quality version for people with 56K modems. This is very rough and you won't be able to see much detail.
Mudville100k(200x150).mov A medium quality version for people with ISDN lines or slow cable/DSL connections.
Mudville200k(240x180).mov A high quality version for people with cable, DSL, T1 or better connections.

Chuck is really a multi-talented guy. He shoots the video, edits, writes, and produces his pieces. It is a treat to know him. If you enjoyed seeing Chuck's work and would like to see more, here are two more links for more features:

To see more of the pieces that Chuck has produced for Greater Boston this year, click here.

To see videos by Chuck on Elsa Dorfman, a photographer using a giant Polaroid for portraits, click here.

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