Designing Pottery by Nan Hamilton Boston MA

Designing Pottery

As long as I can remember, drawing has always engaged my attention. When I began to work with clay shortly after I graduated from college, from the first my instincts were cover the surface of my pots with designs. I'm also very practical by nature, so it's been very important to me that my pots fullfill their function, that is, that my cups and bowls - all the forms - be a pleasure to use. These two elements have been the driving force behind my pottery, though in the last several years, it's been the challenge of surface design that has held my attention. These pages will cover some of the things that I consider when I'm designing a pot, techniques I use, and glaze and firing information. These are the steps involved in making a pot from start to finish. If you click on an item, you can learn more about a particular step.

Also, here you can see several pots as they are made, start to finish:

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