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Welcome to the West Wing 2004

Below you will find pots that were auctioned at the Mudville Show held December 11, 2004.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds Bowl

Blackbirds Blackbirds

Sing a song of sixpence to find four and twenty blackbirds. They've landed in this little bowl, happy they haven't been baked in a pie. This porcelain bowl is 4 3/4" wide and 2 1/4" high. This pot sold for $300.

Ostrich Vase

Ostrich Vase Ostrich Vase

Two pairs of ostriches are keeping track of their youngsters. No sticking their heads in the sand for these guys. This stoneware vase is 3 3/4" wide and 5 1/4" high. This pot sold for $250.

Fall Leaves Vase

Fall Leaves Fall Leaves

The rough red exposed clay on this vase is a strong contrast to the smooth surface of the glazes on the leaves. This stoneware vase is 4 1/2" wide and 6 1/4" high. This pot sold for $100.

Rooster Salt Shaker

Roosters Roosters

Start the day crowing, like these roosters with their beautifully patterned feathers. They have every right to boast. This porcelain shaker is 3" high and 3 1/4" wide. This pot sold for $160.

Swimming Ducks Salt Shaker

Swimming Ducks Swimming Ducks

These ducks swimming around their pond will take only a small space on your table but this pot brings with it memories of a summer day. This porcelain shaker is 2 1/2" wide and 3" high. This pot sold for $75.

Jersey Cows Bowl

Cows Cows

What could be more peaceful than a herd of Jersey cows? Known for their high-quality milk and sweet temperament, they are a favorite of dairy famers everywhere. This bowl is 7" wide and 4" high and holds 5 cups. This pot sold for $500.

Running Tiger Bowl

Tigers Tigers

In an old children's tale, a group of tigers chased a boy up a tree. Frenzied, they grabbed their tails and raced around the tree until they turned into butter. Will it happen to these tigers? This bowl is 5 1/4" wide and 2 1/2" high and holds 2 cups. This pot sold for $725.

Leap Frog Bowl

Leap Frog Leap Frog

Most frogs do their leaping to catch flies or else to escape predators themselves. These frogs are playing leap frog just for fun. This container is 7 1/2" high and 3 1/2" wide and holds 5 cups. This pot sold for $350.

Creat-a-Fish Container

Fish Fish

Fanciful fish, full of color, fill the sides of this covered container. You can line them up as they're meant to be, or turn the lid to form new color combinations. A ring of fish decorate the top. Made of porcelain, this container is 3 3/4" wide and 4 1/2" high. This pot sold for $400.

Preening Goose Container

Goose Goose

Standing on the grass with nothing better to do, this goose preens her feathers. Preening is the way geese distribute oils from the preen gland at the base of their tail to make their feathers water repellant. This container is 4 3/4" wide and 3" high. This pot sold for $215.

Watendlath Sheep Container

Sheep Sheep

These English sheep from Watendlath always seem to have a smile on their faces. Maybe we could all learn something from them... This container is 2 1/2" high and 4" wide. This pot sold for $225.

Giraffe Vase

Giraffes Giraffes

Giraffes make use of their great height to forage leaves from trees that other plant eaters miss, as well as being able to see their enemies from great distances. Imagine a city giraffe, ambling down a street looking the second story windows being careful to avoid the telephone and power lines... Made of stoneware with porcelain overlay, this vase is 3 1/2" wide and 7 1/4" high. This pot sold for $300.

Llama Vase

Llamas Llamas

Llamas are very social creatures and enjoy company of people and other animals. Some well-behaved llamas even visit nursing homes! This group is waiting for you come over so they can give you a sniff and if you're lucky, a kiss. The glaze on this pot has a fuzzy look mimicking their soft wool. This red stoneware vase is 4 1/2" wide and 6 3/4" high. This pot sold for $200.

Monkeys on Monkey Bars Vase

Monkeys Monkeys

This lively group of monkeys have given up organ grinder duty for bananas and good times. Swinging across the playground monkey bars in the park is just the place for hanging out. This black stoneware with porcelain overlay vase is 5 3/4" high and 5" wide. This pot sold for $300.

Porcelain Egret Bowl

Egrets Egrets

Five bright egrets fish the clear water of this pond, looking to catch one of the impressionistic fish under the water. The fish on the outside blurred so much in firing, they are no longer recognizable. This porcelain bowl is 4 3/4" wide and 2" high. This pot sold for $130.

Anteater Porcelain Bowl

Anteaters Anteaters

Although giant anteaters are solitary creatures, they've come together to form this design. Ants scurry out of the way; they're safe until an anteater sticks out it's 2 foot long tongue. This porcelain bowl is 3 1/2" high and 9" wide. This pot sold for $550.

Snake Porcelain Saucer

Snake Snake

Coiled up to fit inside this pot, a small green snake has found a home. Made of porcelain, this small saucer is 5 1/4" wide and 1" high. This pot sold for $165.

Mouse Salt Shaker

Salt Shaker Salt Shaker

This salt shaker is the scene of a mouse conference. Maybe even mice have political agendas... We can only hope they're simply working out a strategy on how to capture a big cheese. This porcelain shaker is 4" high and 3 1/4" wide. This pot sold for $250.

Mouse Cookie Jar

Mice Cookie Jar Mice Cookie Jar Mice Cookie Jar Mice Cookie Jar Mice Cookie Jar Mice Cookie Jar Mice Cookie Jar

Hoping for a seal of approval from Good Mousekeeping, these mice are working hard to make this cookie jar something special. Designed by the famous decorator, Mouse Lauren, there's still some painting to be done. On the other side, there's trouble - mouse graffiti artists at work, not to mention the paint spill accident on the lid. This stoneware cookie jar is 7 1/4" high and 6" wide. This pot sold for $500.

Sleeping Cat Bowl

Cat Cat

A cat fell asleep in this small quiet bowl and began to dream of all his favorite things. Made of porcelain, this pot is 2" high and 4 3/4" wide. This pot sold for $185.

Sheep Pitcher

Sheep Sheep

While sheep aren't exactly the brainiest of all the animals on the farm, at least they know to seek shade on hot days, especially if they haven't been shorn in a while. These sheep have the best of all worlds, shade from above and plenty to eat with the all grass at their feet. This stoneware pitcher is 10 1/2" high and 5 3/4" wide and holds 12 cups. This pot sold for $525.

Fish Pitcher

Fish Fish

Need a spot of bright color on your table? This fish pitcher will do the trick. The color is from intense commercial glazes laid in areas with a blue or rose line in between, giving a subtle texture to this pot. This stoneware pitcher is 5" high and 4" wide and holds 2 1/2 cups. This pot sold for $90.

African Sable Platter

Sable Sable

The lovely African sable belong to the antelope family. Both black males and rust colored females have horns almost as long as the animals are high. They are used to deadly purpose when attacked. With built-in weapons such as these, sable live in peaceful herds in the woodland savannah. This porcelain platter is 12 1/4" wide and 2" high. This pot sold for $1400.

Crowned Crane Platter

Cranes Cranes

Two fantasy crowned cranes form a pattern of color and design. The bright white of the porcelain in the background and the primary colors makes this pot resemble a crayon drawing. This porcelain platter is 10 1/2" wide and 1" high. This pot sold for $325.

Burrowing Owl Bowl

Owls Owls

These baby burrowing owls are emerging from their burrow to find the plain filled with spring flowers. This should be everybody's first view of the world! This speckled stoneware bowl is 3 1/4" high and 5 1/2" wide. This pot sold for $350.

Yellow Duck Bowl

Ducks Ducks

Five mother ducks and a passel of ducklings cheerily spend their days on the sides on this sunny bowl. The inside is as yellow as an egg yolk. This pot is made porcelain and is 3" high and 5" wide. This pot sold for $150.

Toasting Animals Mug

Toasts Toasts

With this mug in hand, you may want to join in a toast with these cheerful animals. There's a high-spirited frog who looks like he's already had quite a bit to drink. This off-white stoneware mug is 4" high and 3 3/4" wide and holds 16 oz. This pot sold for $150.

Mermaid Mug

Mermaids Mermaids

This bright turquoise mug is is a great place for a swim, at least these mermaids seem to think so, as they stroke towards the watery center. Made of off-white stoneware, this mug 4" high and 3 1/2" wide and holds 14 oz. This pot sold for $80.

Frogs and Flies Mug

Frogs Frogs

The bad news is that you've got flies buzzing around your mug. The good news is that there are some willing frogs ready to help out any way they can. Yum, yum. This mug made of tan stoneware is 4" high and 3 3/4" wide and holds 14 oz. This pot sold for $95.

Siamese Cat Vase

Siamese Cats Siamese Cats

These four Siamese cats are in a world of their own and barely deign to notice you. The curve of their backs follow the fullness of the vase giving them a 3-D quality in your hand that's lost in the flattening effect of the photo. This small unglazed black stoneware vase with painted and glazed porcelain overlay is 5 3/4" high and 3 1/4" wide. This pot sold for $200.

Grey Bird Vase

Grey Birds Grey Birds

Three fat birds sing out, ready to spread their wings and fly from the surface of this small round pot. This stoneware vase features exposed red clay around the glazed grass and birds. It is 5" high and 4" wide. This pot sold for $150.

Cruisin' the Country Cookie Jar

Countryside Countryside

Grab your hat and let's go cruisin' in the country! Spin this pot on a turntable and you'll ride the roads in a colorful comic book realm of cottony clouds, cows, and country homes. This stoneware jar with painted glazes is 8 1/4" high and 5 1/2" wide. This pot sold for $275.

Wild Horses Cookie Jar

Wild Horses Wild Horses

Soft, blurred lines of running wild horses give this pot an almost mystical air. This jar has a distinctly western feel with it's turquoise glaze detail and the rough unglazed clay behind the horses. This dark red stoneware jar is 6 1/4" high and 7 1/2" wide. This pot sold for $550.

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