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Look for the pots coming out of the kiln in 2011 the New Pots section of this website.

Pots from 2010 - Bowls - Pots with Lids - Pots that Pour - Mugs - Shakers - Vases - Airedale Pots

Pots from 2009 - Bowls - Pots with Lids - Pots that Pour - Mugs - Shakers - Vases - Airedale Pots

For almost ten years, this website featured the popular "Pot of the Month." Several pots were put up at the start of each month and people voted on their favorite. The pot with the most votes was sold on ebay during the subsequent month. These the pots make up the East Wing section of this gallery. The remaining pots were sold at shows held at Mudville and can be seen in the West Wing section. Each month a dog pot was available, mostly Airedales, also sold on ebay. These pots make up the Dog Wing. Enjoy visiting these pots from the past!

Past eBay Pots Past Pot of the Month Dog Pots

East Wing 2008 West Wing 2008 Dog Wing 2008
East Wing 2007 West Wing 2007 Dog Wing 2007
East Wing 2006 West Wing 2006 Dog Wing 2006
East Wing 2005 West Wing 2005 Dog Wing 2005
East Wing 2004 West Wing 2004 Dog Wing 2004
East Wing 2003 West Wing 2003 Dog Wing 2003
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East Wing 2000 West Wing 2000 Dog Wing 2000
East Wing 1999 West Wing 1999 Dog Wing 1999

To learn more about how Nan makes her pots, visit - Designing Pottery.

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