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Welcome to the East Wing 2007

Below you will find all the first of the month pots that were auctioned on eBay in 2007.

Goat Portrait Container

Goat Goat

The goat is the dairy animal with the twinkle in it's eye. Most goats have plenty of personality and there's never a dull moment when you share the farm with a herd. This porcelain jar is 3 1/2" high and 5 1/2" wide. This pot was sold in December for $330.75.

Grapes and Cardinals Vase

Cardinals Cardinals

Many grape growers have to deal with variable weather conditions, deer nibbling on the vines and finally, as the grapes ripen, the birds show up to help with the harvest. Until the bird netting is up, these cardinals are ready to enjoy a feast! This stoneware vase is 6" high and 6 1/2" wide. This pot was sold in November for $228.49.

Wild Cats Platter

Wild Cats Wild Cats

A racing tiger, a lioness, a leopard, a cougar, an ocelot, a bobcat, a cheetah - could these wild felines fill the dreams of an ordinary house cat? This porcelain platter is 2 1/2" high and 12 3/4" wide. This pot was sold in October for $1105.00.

One Green Frog Cookie Jar

Frogs Frogs

The frogs piled up on this jar are vigilant. If any fly even thinks about getting close to the good stuff inside, it will be snapped up in a minute by one of these alert buddies. This stoneware jar is 7" high and 6 3/4" wide. The interior is glazed froggy green. This pot was sold in September for $380.00.

Sheep Porcelain Shaker

Sheep Sheep

There are lots and lots of breeds of sheep from all white to all black and everything in between. Some are raised for wool, some for meat, but all spend their lives grazing. Protect your salads from these fluffy critters. This shaker is 3 1/4" high and 2 3/4" wide. This pot was sold in July for $178.00.

Clownfish Bowl

Clownfish Clownfish

Little clownfish live among the tentacles of sea anemone. They lure fish to the anemone which stings and eats them, of benefit to both species. This porcelain bowl is 2 1/8" high and 5" wide. This pot was sold in June for $182.50.

Mice in the Garden Jar

Mice Mice

Mice are the cutest little animals. They are welcome to share the garden, scamper among the flowers, as long as they stay out of the house! This highly detailed painted porcelain jar is 4 1/2" high and 4 3/4" wide. This pot was sold in May for $390.00.

Octopus Teapot

Octopus Octopus

In shallow waters, octopuses can be very shy and reclusive, unlike the ones on this teapot. These two look like they're following you with their eyes and will float right off this pot. This stoneware teapot is 5 3/4" high, 4 3/4" (7 3/4") wide and holds 1 quart. This pot was sold in April for $566.09.

Kangaroo Porcelain Mug

Kangaroos Kangaroos

The four gray kangaroo moms and their joeys on this mug are ever alert, keeping track of all that's going on around them. This porcelain mug holds 14 oz and is 4 1/8" high and 3 1/2" wide. This pot was sold in March for $135.01.

Wild Horses Vase

Wild Horses Wild Horses

This is a vase looking for a story. It's late at night; the moon is high in the sky. A single white mare gleams in the moonlight, while a wild herd of horses waits behind it, awaiting a signal. Is someone coming across the desert? Does something lurk behind in the canyons? This porcelain vase is 7 1/2" high and 4 1/4" wide. This pot was sold in February for $800.00.

Reindeer Vase

Reindeer Reindeer

Reindeer are special Arctic animals. They have adapted in many ways to the difficulties of snow, cold and limited resources. Their broad hooves act as snowshoes and are great digging tools to find food in deep snow. Domesticated reindeer herds provide sustenance and transport for indigenous people. This stoneware vase is 8 1/4" high and 4 3/4" wide. This pot was sold in January for $355.00.

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