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Welcome to the East Wing 2005

Below you will find all the non-dog pots that were auctioned on eBay in 2005.

White Rabbit Porcelain Platter

White Rabbits White Rabbits

Two white rabbits are taking a look around before they scamper back to join their friends in the fields and forests around the border of this porcelain platter. This piece is 11" wide and 1" high. This pot was sold in December for $260.00.

Black Cat with Crows Vase

Black Cats Black Cats

This black stoneware vase is definitely spooky. The black cats' eyes glow out of the darkness around them and seem to follow you as you pass by this pot. Behind the cats, crows gather on the ground and in flight. The background black clay is unglazed and rough. This vase is 4 1/2" wide and 6 1/2" high. This pot was sold in November for $338.09.

Cookie Recipe Jar

Cookie Jar Cookie Jar

This cookie jar comes with three yummy cookie recipes to start you baking (the entire recipe will be included in cards inside). Your jar will be full in no time! You'll find the ingredients are there on the pot, from fruit to nuts, as well a pup who is hoping you'll share. This stoneware jar is 6 1/2" wide and 7 1/2" high. This pot was sold in October for $355.00.

Black and White Swan Pot

Swans Swans

A white trumpeter swan and an Australian black swan pose together on this pot to make an elegant study of black and white curves. This porcelain jar is 4 3/4" wide and 2 3/4" high. This pot was sold in September for $355.00.

Rowboats at the Dock Bowl

Rowboats Rowboats

These boats gently float tied to the dock, ready for a row to a nearby island. This stoneware bowl is 5 3/4" wide and 2 3/4" high. This pot was sold in August for $139.50.

Seals and Penguins Salt Shaker

Seals and Penguins Seals and Penguins

These Antarctic fur seals and Humboldt penguins are happy to live together. They both eat krill, squid and fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner, live in colonies and spend lots of time in the sea. This pot is 3" wide and 3 1/4" high. This pot was sold in July for $201.00.

Young Elephants Teapot

Elephants Elephants

Four young African elephants are hanging out among the legs of their unseen mothers. Two seem to be trying to use their trunks to reach down the spout. Maybe they are thirsty. This stoneware pot is 5" wide (9" handle to spout), 6" high and holds 1 quart. This pot was sold in June for $363.99.

Porcelain Violet Bowl

Violets Violets

This graceful violet bowl looks like it's straight out of a Victorian drawing room. Not just by the Victorians, the violet has been appreciated throughout history, from the ancient Greeks who used violets in making love potions to today where you can find them scattered in salads in up-scale restaurants. This bowl is 6 1/4" wide and 3 1/4" high. This pot was sold in May for $410.00.

Climbing Bears Vase

Climbing Bears Climbing Bears

Are these three black bear youngsters escaping danger or looking for bees? Maybe they are ready to start their own lives. When that time comes, the mother bear sends her cubs up a tree and walks away. When the cubs get really hungry, they come down to find she's gone and they're on their own. This stoneware vase is 4 1/4" wide and 9 1/4" high. This pot was sold in April for $153.51.

Spotted Owl Mug

Owls Owls

A pair of spotted owls can be found on this densely forested mug. It's the habitat that keeps them safe. This stoneware mug is 3 1/2" wide and 3 3/4" high and holds 14 oz. This pot was sold in March for $103.50.

Pigs on the Edge Bowl

Pigs Pigs

These happy pigs seem to be hoping you'll share your food with them when you use this bowl. Pigs! They'll eat anything! This stoneware bowl is 11 1/4" wide and 3 3/4" high. This pot was sold in February for $162.50.

Rabbit Salt Shaker

Rabbits Rabbits

This salt shaker is home to a rabbit family. Who can guess what's on their minds... Maybe they hope you'll use the shaker to salt some carrots. This porcelain pot is 3 1/4" wide and 3 1/4" high. This pot was sold in January for $164.00.

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