Hand Painted Pottery by Nan Hamilton, Airedale Dog Art in Boston MA

Welcome to the Dog Wing 2003

Below you will find all the dog pots, mostly Airedales, that have been auctioned on eBay in 2003.

Countersurfing Airedales Cookie Jar

Countersurfing Countersurfing

Here a group of Airedale hooligans, taking advantage of the baker leaving the kitchen for a moment, are indulging in some serious counter-surfing. Never trust a hungry Airedale! This jar is 8 1/2" high and 5 1/4" wide. This pot was sold in December for $860.00.

Airedale Family Salt Shaker

Airedale Shaker Airedale Shaker

Time for a family portrait. This Airedale mom is showing her slightly bewildered youngsters how to pose for a photo. In seconds, the pups will break the line for a nap or some play. This shaker is 3 1/4" high and 3" wide. This bowl was sold in November for $325.00.

Airedales in a Bowl

Forest Airedales Forest Airedales

It's the time of year that the squirrels are fat and plentiful. In this bowl, six Airedales gaze wistfully at the squirrels on the forest border of this bowl. This porcelain bowl is 2" high and 7 3/4" wide and holds a little more than 2 cups. This bowl was sold in October for $390.00.

Airedales and Chickens Teapot

Corny Airedales Corny Airedales

It's off to the farm for a fall harvest scene with two Airedales hanging out with the chickens and crows helping themselves to their share of the corn crop. This stoneware teapot is 6" high and 4 3/4" wide and holds slightly less than two quarts. This teapot was sold in September for $356.01.

Airedales Do Laundry Bowl

Laundry Laundry

This pack of high energy Airedales have found some entertainment. Once they get the laundry off the line, who knows what they'll do. Tug-toy towels? Clean clothes to line a newly dug hole? This white stoneware bowl is 3 3/4" high and 8 1/4" wide. This pot was sold in August for $550.00.

Airedale Swimming with Goslings Mug

Goslings Goslings

This is how Airedale Phoebe spent her spring, swimming after goslings. Don't worry though, as soon as she got close, the babies ducked underwater only to pop up out of reach. This stoneware mug is 4" high and 3 3/4" wide and holds 15 oz. This pot was sold in July for $227.50.

Airedales at the Fence

Fence Fence

Hanging over the fence, a gang of seven watchful Airedales are ready to meet and greet anyone who stops. Give them a pat as you walk by. This carved rim stoneware vase is 5 1/2" high and 4 1/2" wide. This pot was sold in June for $490.00.

Airedales in Tulips Vase (Trouble in the Garden)

Tulips Tulips

After a winter of frozen ground, the damp earth of spring calls out to a terrier. It's digging season! Let's hope the big tulips in front are spared. This pot is a spring green on the inside and a white matte glaze outside, decorated with underglazes. This white stoneware vase is 5 3/4" wide and 8 3/4" high and holds more than 2 1/2 quarts. This pot was sold in May for $500.00.

Airedale Puppy Pot

Puppies Puppies

As anyone who has raised a litter of puppies will testify, puppies let you know who they are, even at this young age. Bold or shy, wild or laid-back, one thing is certain - each youngster is looking a place to call home and be the center of someone's life. Painted with underglazes, this stoneware vase is 4 1/2" wide and 5" high. This pot was sold in April for $565.50.

Hattie Porcelain Jar

Hattie Hattie

Meet Hattie! Sure, she could do with a little grooming, but she's happy on her dog bed just as she is. Make a move towards the door and she'll be right by your side, ready for any outdoor adventure you have in mind. This porcelain container is 4 3/4" wide and 2 5/8" high. This pot was sold in March for $217.50.

Kissing Airedales Jar

Airedale Kisses Airedale Kisses

Airedale kisses! Some dogs bestow big, sloppy ones; others are more delicate, giving just a quick lick. Some Airedales want to wash your face and some even "clean" your ears. One thing for sure, no matter how they show it, all Airedales have lots of love to give. This stoneware jar is 5 1/4" wide and 4 1/2" high. This pot was sold in February for $305.00.

Airedales at the Beach Jar

Airedale Beach Airedale Beach

In New England, dogs are banned from most beaches during the summer, so winter's prime beach time for play. Here a wild group of Airedales cavort on the sand. A flock of seagulls float across the sky on the lid. The interior is the dark blue green of the sea. The stoneware jar is 4 1/2" wide and 5 1/4" high. This pot was sold in January for $525.00.

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