Hand Painted Pottery by Nan Hamilton, Airedale Dog Art in Boston MA

Welcome to the Dog Wing 2001

Below you will find all the dog pots, mostly Airedales, that have been auctioned on eBay in 2001.

Resting Airedales Curled up in a Bowl

Resting Airedales  Resting Airedales

Two tired Airedales curl up together on a rug. The one who is awake has that look of being ready to jump up at a moment's notice, tired or not. The outside of this bowl is black with a wavy turquoise line. This low, wide bowl is 9 1/4" wide and 1 5/8" high. This bowl was sold in December for $456.51.

Hunting Airedales at Fence

Airedales at Fence Airedales at Fence

Every fall, Hazel and Dinah become obsessed with fence posts as mice move into the poles to spend the winter. Hazel and Dinah spend their time at the park each morning on mouse patrol. This pot commemorates their efforts. The fence and dogs are glazed and painted; behind the fence is unglazed brown stoneware. The interior is a shiny speckled blue-green. This small bowl is 5 1/2" wide and 3 1/4" high. This bowl was sold in November for $555.00.

Airedales and Pumpkins

Airedales and Pumpkins Airedales and Pumpkins

A pile of pumpkins is just the place for fun-seeking Airedales. There are cats and mice to be found among the pumpkins. Chase with the cats! Go after the mice! Hold on to the mugs! These mugs are 3 3/4" high and 4" wide and hold 13 oz. They were sold in October for $129.50 and $137.51.

Barn Jar

Barn Jar Barn Jar

Three horses in a barn with their friends for company decorate this cookie jar. This stoneware jar is glazed white, a line is scratched through the glaze which is painted black to give relief to the surface, then the images are filled with soft colors. This pot is 7 1/2" high and 5 3/4" wide. This pot was sold in September for $365.00.

Three Airedales Playing

Airedales Playing Airedales Playing

Chase me is always a favorite game among Airedales! It's Dinah on the right, Bix is beside her and Buck is teasing the two of them. The lid is painted with underglazes and the bottom of this small covered pot, bordered by a geometric design, is glazed with green changing to smokey grey. This porcelain container is 3" high and 4 3/8" wide. This pot was sold in August for $200.00.

Airedales at the Pond

Airedales and Fish Airedales and Fish

Six Airedales are mesmerized by the fish. Hattie and Hazel, my first two Airedales spent hours watching at my brother's pond, occasionally taking an swipe at the fish, sending them off in a flurry. Behind the dogs is a dark green garden. This white stoneware pitcher is 8 1/2" tall and 5 3/4" wide and holds 2 quarts. This pot was sold in July for $610.00.

Pups and Pigs Bowl

Pigs and Pups Pigs and Pups

It's two Airedales on the farm, surrounded by an interested gang of young pigs. Made of a very speckled stoneware, the design features a matte outline of the animals. The interior is a shiny glaze that looks like a ripe peach. This small bowl is 4 3/4" wide and 2 3/4" high. This pot was sold in June for $164.11.

Airedales Open Bitches Bowl

Open Bitches Open Bitches

Eight Airedale bitches line up for your inspection, doing their best to win your heart and the judge's approval. This bowl is a salute dog shows. Looking like an antique, this parchment toned bowl is made of speckled stoneware. The interior is a dark shiny brown with golden tones in a ring near the center. The bowl is 7 1/2" wide and 3" high and holds 1 1/2 quarts. This pot was sold in May for $510.00.

Airedales and Lilies Vase

Airedales and Lilies Airedales and Lilies

This is a vase for someone who appreciates subtlety. On this unusual pot, the Airedales are almost the same color as the clay. When the pot is in a bright light, they stand out ready to play. In a dark corner you have to look hard to see the dogs. On a dark red clay with a rust colored glaze, this pot is detailed with underglaze paints. This vase is 5 1/2" wide and 7" high. This pot was sold in April for $610.00.

Frankie and Hazel Container

Frankie and Hazel Frankie and Hazel

Looking like partners in crime, young Frankie and Hazel wait to see if their latest misdemeanor has been discovered. These two sisters have grown older now. They each live with a youngster carrying on the tradition of creative puppy behavior. This porcelain container is 4 3/4" wide and 3" high. This pot was sold in March for $227.50.

Airedales in Winter Mug

Winter Airedales Winter Airedales

Four Airedales romp in the snow. The interior is glazed a shiny grey-blue, the same color behind the snowflakes. Airedales and snowman are painted on a satin matte glaze. This stoneware mug is 3 3/4" wide and 4" high and holds 16 oz. This pot was sold in February for $162.50.

Airdale Bowl with Scalloped Rim

Airedale Bowl Airedale Bowl

Oh, no! More Airedales watching you eat your dinner. Hey, how about some beef stew? This deep stoneware bowl has a scalloped rim, shiny rust glaze interior and a painted exterior. The bowl is 6 1/4" wide and 3 1/2" high. This pot was sold in January for $510.

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