Hand Painted Pottery by Nan Hamilton, Airedale Dog Art in Boston MA

Welcome to the Dog Wing 2000

Below you will find all the dog pots, mostly Airedales, that have been auctioned on eBay in 2000.

Hills and Airedales Jar

In the fall, Airedales race across the hills at sunset. With everything is lit up in reds and golds, this pot has the impressionistic quality of a dream. This jar is made of red stoneware, glazed in red-gold and painted with underglaze paints. The background is unglazed clay. This pot is 6" wide and 6 3/4" high. This vase was sold in November for $394.90.

Airedale Candlesticks

Three stoneware candlesticks feature scenes with Airedales: playing chase, hunting squirrel, and checking out a turtle. Each candlestick has a delicate border and with soft colors. Each is approximately 4" at the base and 3 1/4" high and were sold in September for $310 each.

Airedale Plate

Share your dinner with an Airedale! It's bad enough trying to eat a meal with your own black-eyed pups watching your every bite. Here are 9 more Airedales to keep you company at dinner time. This plate is made of a creamy off-white stoneware, painted with underglaze paints with a shiny transparent glaze over. This plate is 10" across and 1 1/4" high. This pot was sold in September for $500.

Airedales in the Sunflowers Vase

It's late summer. Airedales are out in the garden visiting the resident turtles. This peaceful scene could turn to havoc but the moment is quiet now... This pot is made of speckled grey stoneware covered with an oatmeal glaze. The glaze has been scratched through, areas filled with color, then the scratch line painted black. This pot is 4 3/4" wide and 5 1/2" high. This pot was sold in August for $608.

Dogs with Moving Heads Container

Correctly lined up, here is a row of dogs - an Airedale, a Weimaraner, a Collie, a Boxer, an Italian Spinone, a Labrador Retriever, and a Poodle. How about a Collie head on a Boxer body? Or a Airemaraner? Playing with this pot gives the term "mixed breed" a whole new meaning! The container is 4" wide and 5 1/4" high. This pot was sold in July for $304.

Crowd of Airedales on a Salt Shaker

The gang's all here! Airedales of every size, shape and age crowd together on this porcelain salt shaker. It's perfect for your kitchen table. The shaker is is 3 3/4" high and 3 1/2" wide. The Airedale salt shaker was sold in June for $394.03

Hazel and Dinah's Field of Dreams Bowl

This bowl has two Airedales racing through a dream field in hot pursuit of their favorite critters. Ever watch an Airedale run in his sleep? Surely, this is what Hazel and Dinah dream about as they whimper and quiver with excitement. This one of a kind bowl is made of stoneware. The outside features rough red clay behind a detailed scene painted on a semi-matte glaze. The interior is a glossy deep rust red glaze. The bowl is 3" high and 6 3/4" in diameter. The Field of Dreams bowl was sold in May for $530.00

Eleven Airedale Mug and Nine Airedale Mug

This pair of stoneware mugs, one with 11 lively Airedales sharing their yard, the other with 9 happy Airedales, guarantee you'll start your day with a smile. The interior is a glossy red-gold glaze with a lighter colored rim. The exterior is a glossy reddish brown breaking to deep rust red. The cream colored rim has been decorated with underglaze paints. The mugs are about 3 1/2" high and 3 1/2" wide and holds slightly more than 12 oz. The 11 Airedale mug was sold in April for $267.20 and the 9 Airedale mug was sold for $255.01

Airedale with One Quirky Ear Jar

Parker, the model on the lid of this pot, is a handsome Airedale with one quirky ear. This small covered container is made of porcelain and painted with underglaze paints. This pot is new and one of a kind. The container is 5" wide and 3" high. This pot was sold in March for $611.50.

Airedales Chasing Flies Vase

Do you ever wonder what the dogs are smelling when they plaster their noses to a hole in the ground and snort up the scents? Maybe this is what's going on underground... This pot is made of dark red stoneware which is left unglazed except for the burrows and the Airedales. The inside is glazed a dark rust. This pot is 6 3/4" high and 5" wide. This pot was sold in June for $388.00.

Happy Airedale Jar

Happy Pot Happy Pot

Airedales cavort under trees on this cheerful stoneware jar. The pot is glazed with an off-white glaze, painted with underglaze paints, and etched with an strong black outline. This jar is 7" high and 5 3/4" wide. This pot was sold in January for $406.50.

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