Visiting with Sidney

Sidney's Visit - September and October, 2001

Sidney Hardie drove from Tucson to Massachusetts with her Airedale Jack to visit for a few weeks. As you might imagine, our activities were almost totally dog-centered and lots of fun. We went to Vermont for a few days to visit Nancy Anderson, Phoebe's breeder, and tour Southern Vermont. We went to two agility trials, in Bedford, Ma. and in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, where Phoebe competed and earned her first two novice legs. We went on a wonderful walk with 8 Airedales in a cranberry bog in Marion, Ma. Our last adventure was a camping trip on the beautiful coast of Maine. Traveling around with 4 well-behaved Airedales was a treat; Jack, Hazel, Dinah and Phoebe were great ambassadors for the breed and we couldn't have been more proud of them.

Phoebe, Dinah, Hazel and Jack

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