Traveling in Washington

Traveling in the Olympic Penisula

In early June, Sidney drove with Jack from Tucson to Washington, visiting friends and relatives along the way. I flew into Seattle, and together we had a great time driving around the Olympic Penisula. We spent much of our time with our friend Chris, who lives with Phoebe's brother Arty and Buster, her Airedale rescue. After consulting with Chris, Sidney and I drove up to Port Angeles for some sight-seeing in the upper Peninsula. Then we drove back to Olympia, stopping at Beach 3 and Lake Quinalt along the way, picked up Chris and took off for an over-nighter in Long Beach. Our last day was spend in Seattle checking out the Pike Place Market, before I flew back home to Hazel, Dinah and Phoebe while Sidney and Jack hit the road for the long trip back to Tucson. We had a wonderful time!

Trip planning with Jack, Buster, Chris and Sidney

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