Phoebe, Airedale Terrier

Phoebe at 9 months

Airedale Terrier Airedale Terrier

Phoebe turned 9 months on April 15. To celebrate, I took the camera with us on a walk in the woods. Lesley Mattuchio and Cameron came with us.

Airedale Terrier Airedale Terrier

At first, I wanted a formal picture of Hazel, now 9; Dinah who just turned 6; and Phoebe. We have been practicing stays in the house and Phoebe is getting pretty good. Outdoors, she couldn't stay put, reminding me that even though she's growing up, Phoebe is still a puppy.

This is a close as we got to a portrait. Dinah and Hazel are in front, and Phoebe is behind with Cameron with Lesley.

With portraits out of the way, it was time for a play break. This is how Dinah and Phoebe spend a lot of their time, chewing on each other.

Dinah is ready to get on the trail, but Phoebe is launching a new attack... Dinah is amazingly patient with her.

On the trail, with the confidence of youth, Phoebe has turned into the group leader. Here, Hazel and Dinah watch...

as Phoebe, in practically free fall down a cliff, is ever on the look-out for a new prized possession.

She has a wonderful nose and is always coming back with something, a bird's wing, a dead snake; today, it was a dried out frog.

Sometimes, Hazel and Dinah join her quests, and sometimes they watch, shaking their heads at her folly.

Now what does she see?

The swamp! With a pause that refreshes, we're off again, an adventure surely waiting just over the next hill.

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