Phoebe, Airedale Terrier

Phoebe Steps Out, Agility


Back again. This time Mom gave me a chew if I'd tell you about the next adventure... Once a week I go to a yard to play with some friends, then Mom pays me with chicken if I jump, or do what she says, like make the see-saw tip and stuff like that. It's called agility. I have to concentrate but it's fun. On this adventure, we went to a new place for me to do agility. There were lots of dogs but most were strangers to me and they weren't allowed to play. It was hot and there was a river to swim in but I didn't get to play as much as in the yard. Before we ran, I met a nice man who put this bar over my back and told my mom "22 inches exactly." She got very happy because that means the next time I do agility I get to jump 4 inches lower. That's good news for me, too, because when it was time to run, some of the jumps seemed VERY HIGH. I usually jump lower because I'm still a puppy.

When it was our turn, I jumped the first jump but the second was two jumps together, TOO HIGH, so I thought running around it was more sensible. Mom kept running so I don't think she minded.

We did the A-frame...

a tunnel, the see-saw, more jumps...

then a table that was TOO HIGH! I walked around it before I finally got up. Then Mom wanted me to lie down. The table was HOT! And HIGH! It took a while before Mom convinced me to lie down. Then we did the tire jump, another jump and the dog walk. I didn't like it as much as the dog walk in our yard so I jumped off. Finally there was a tunnel and I got my chicken at last. Mom gave me lots of hugs too and I got to go back in the river.

The next day the course started the same, so I ran around the second jump again, then I did did the A-frame...

then more jumps, that darned HIGH table (but at least it was a sit, which is easy!), the see-saw, and I made Mom happy by staying on the dog walk. In fact, Mom was pretty happy. I was, too. We got to go off to our walk in the woods, the most important part of the day, where Hazel, Dinah and I patrol for squirrels, chipmunks and voles. Next time we do agility, I'm jumping 20"! YEA!

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