Phoebe, Airedale Terrier

Phoebe Steps Out, Conformation


Hi! Now that I'm growing up, Mom decided it's time for me to get out and see The World. The first adventure we had was at Ladies Dog Show in Wrentham, Mass, in early June. Mom entered me in Sweeps where the puppies get show off. Getting ready was NO FUN! Mom would give me a bone which was great but while I was chewing on it, she would pull out my hair. NO FAIR! Hazel and Dinah got bones too and no one was pulling their hair out. When we got to the dog show, it was pouring rain! Absolute buckets! We went under a tent into very crowded space with lots of dogs and people. Some of the dogs were pretty crabby. Liz, my dad's mom, looked at me and started pulling out more hair! Yikes, and no bone either!

We waited and waited under a tent and I watched. Dogs went into the fenced space, stood there, then they ran in the rain a little, then they stood there some more. Sometimes Mom let me sit in her lap and I played a little with another puppy but it was pretty boring. Hazel and Dinah and I have more fun just lying around the house! Then Mom got up and took me into the fenced space.

First we ran in the rain with another puppy. I wanted to meet her but it wasn't allowed. Too bad! Then I met a lady who was very nosy. She looked at me everywhere, even my teeth. Then she sent us out into the rain again.

Mom liked that I was paying attention to her, but the lady didn't so we had to run around again.

The second time was OK, then we went out of the ring. Another lady came up to my mom and said I was a very pretty puppy but that my mom could use some work. Mom thought this was funny. Then we waited some more and I told Mom it was time to go. I wasn't impressed if this was "meeting The World." Mom said I didn't have to do this anymore for a while, anyway. My next adventure was a few months later in September in Topsfield, MA. after I turned one. Come on! Follow me!

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