Phoebe, Airedale Terrier


Airedale Terrier

We had our first sight of Phoebe at the Breeder's Seminar on ear-gluing at Montgomery County. A call in the hotel had been put out for puppies to serve as demo dogs, and Nancy Anderson had two 11-week old pups with her. She brought them down and Phoebe was the first puppy on the table. The room was filled with people and two strangers were doing wierd things to her ears. Phoebe just looked out over the crowd, totally calm. When Nancy picked her up after the ear-gluing, Phoebe hugged her like a bear cub, tail wagging. Too cute! (A note: Phoebe's ears were glued only 4 days. They were taken down as soon as we got home and not glued again.)

The next day, Dinah did a fine job running at the first all-terrier agility trial and Nancy was there with the pups. After our run, we sat with Nancy and talked about having Phoebe come and live with us. Our friend Chris Russell was interested in Arthur, Phoebe's brother and together, we decided these were the pups for us. The picture on the left is the first time I held her, and on the left, the next day when I claimed her. (Pictures thanks to Lesley Mattuchio and Shirley Sanborn.)

We took the ears down and soon she had settled into her her home.

Her first job was to convince Hazel and Dinah to play with her. They weren't so sure, but first Dinah, then Hazel took her on as playmate and one of the gang.

They also began to mentor her in the fine art of mouse hunting. This is Phoebe's first mouse hunt and she ended up with the mouse! A natural!

Several months have passed since then, and mice have become a regular part of Phoebe's diet; she, Hazel and Dinah jockey to see who gets the best chair in the house, and her career goal appears to be managing a kitchen. She studies intently. She has learned to weave in the hopes of an agility title or two and all in all, has been a wonderful addition to the family.

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