Phoebe, 3 years old

Phoebe, 3 years old

July 15, 2003

All the photos below were taken by Lesley Mattuchio. Lesley has been busy taking some wonderful pictures. Click here to see more of her photos. If you live in the Boston area and would like pictures taken of you and/or your dog, you can email Lesley to make arrangements.

Today I'm three! Two days ago, Mom and I went to a weekend agility trial in Granby, Mass., my first trial in almost a year. We stopped practicing last fall (it was a baaaad winter and Mom had too much to do!) but we started again in May. I like agility! I'm ready to run!

Here we are on the start line of the open standard class. Mom checks out the course while I check out the competition.

It's important to hit the yellow part on the see-saw and to keep my eyes on Mom when I'm on the table. What I like best is running around the rest of the course.

Weave poles can be tricky so I try to be very careful to get them right. At the end of this run, I didn't get a leg because I sniffed a tiny sniff at the start of each tunnel (well, heck!) and got two refusals. In open, you only get just one. Otherwise, things went pretty well and Mom was pleased. We have three more runs left...

When we're waiting the long hours until my next run, sometimes Mom and I play. Hazel and Dinah stayed home so I get her all to myself! Here I'm taking off after my kong (in the corner of the photo). When I bring it back, I'm hoping Mom will put a treat inside!

There was a pond where I swam and also lots of trails where we hiked. Sometimes I just sat in the grass and watched all the people and dogs.

Later I ran in novice jumpers and got second place. The next day, I got my first open standard leg with a third place. Yea! Then I got another second place in novice jumpers to earn my first jumpers title. Mom was very proud of me. In a month, we go to another trial. In the meantime, look for me in the woods hunting, my most favorite thing to do!

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