Phoebe, 2 years old

Phoebe, 2 years old

July 15, 2002

Today I'm two! Here I am at work, up on the wedging table.

Hazel and Dinah come to work too. I got off the table and down to their level but you can still who's first in this picture. (Don't worry, they get lots of attention, but today's my birthday!)

Every afternoon, we go to the Middlesex Fells to run and use up all our energy so we won't drive mom crazy in the evening.

Here you can see that I'm good at retrieving sticks in the water. Hazel and Dinah are good swimmers, too but here they're just watching me.

After our swim, Hazel likes to go frog hunting. Her idea of a good time is chasing frogs back in the water. I like to whittle down sticks to pass the time.

I'm on the move again, but before you go, look below and you'll see two pictures of me at agility. Keep your eye out for me at the trials. I'm trying to get my open title!

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