The Lake District, England

Cruising Northern England: The Lake District

To get to Watendlath, you drive far up valley, full of hiking trails through farms and forests, to the road's end. There you'll find a tea room, a small lake for fishing and lovely, friendly farm run by the National Trust. It's heavenly!

We found a barn full of the smilingest sheep I've ever seen.

There was a big pig and lots of geese - more well-fed animals perfectly happy to accomodate people who wanted to get up close and greet them. It was lovely.

From the farm, we visited the Castlerigg Stone Circle for a sunset viewing. It's a megalith of 38 stones with an additional 10 stones forming a rectangle inside the circle, a unique feature in stone circles. It's one of the oldest in Breat Britain, probably from the late Neolithic Period (around 3000 B.C.), and certainly the most beautifully sited, on a high moor surrounded by hills. The function of the site - a religious center? an observatory? a burial site? a trading place? -will probably never known but it's a magical place. We drove back to Keswick for dinner and the next day we were off to the Lakeland Sheep Show.

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