Traveling in England

Travel in Northern England, March 2003

In early March, a time chosen when we could see the much acclaimed dog show, Crufts, Sidney and I went to England for two weeks. I wish I had some good pictures from Crufts but I don't. The show was overwhelming and I was too busy gawking to take pictures. Even more than Crufts, I wanted to come to England to go walking in the country. I spent the winter reading walking books to come up with a travel plan that combined history with visits to places with animals. We stayed in B &B's, many of them working farms. We were lucky and the weather was great. Later we learned that we had been there during the warmest driest March in the history of England. There were signs of spring everywhere, daffodils and primroses, budding fruit trees and fields full of sheep with their young lambs. The scene above was across the road from our first B&B, a sight we saw over and over, everywhere we went. It was very calming.

If you'd like to come with us on part of, or all of, our trip, below is a list of where we went. I hope you enjoy yourself!

  • York: A beautiful walled city laden with history
  • Fountains Abbey: The ruins of a medieval abbey and beautiful gardens
  • Scarboro: A castle on a headland high above the North Sea
  • Hadrian's Wall: An engineering feat from Roman times
  • Lindisfarne: Also called Holy Island, reached by driving across tidal flats
  • Scotland: A hike on the Fife Coast and Loch Loman
  • Keswick: A charming town in the northern Lake District
  • Watendlath: A National Reserve Trust farm high up a valley
  • Lakeland Sheep Center: 19 Breeds of sheep, 3 day old lambs and lots more
  • Muncaster Castle: Owl Center and headquarters of the World Owl Trust
  • Chester: Another fascinating walled town, totally different from York

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