Airedale Terrier Dog, Dog Agility Training, Boston MA

Welcome to the Dog Park!

Airedale Terrier Dog

Meet the gang! Left to right, we have Phoebe, Dinah and Hazel.

Hazel, Dinah, and Phoebe "work" at Mudville during the day then go for long walks in the woods after work. They love to hunt for chipmunks and squirrels and go for a dip in the water.

In October, 2000, Phoebe came to stay with us! You can follow her as she grows up, as a pup, at 9 months old, at two years and at three. Phoebe takes on Conformation and Agility.

Come vacation with Sidney and me! Join us on our latest adventure, a two week trip to Northern England. Or go on a trip to the Olympic peninsula, or our Four Airedale Maine Adventure, or on our trip to the White Mountains with Hazel, Dinah and Jack during peak fall foliage.

Clancy, brother to Dinah, was loved by all who knew him. Here is a tribute to Clancy, as gentle an Airedale soul as even lived.

If you want to learn more about Airedales (there's lots of information that applies to all other dogs, too), it's all there on the wonderful website hosted by Sidney Hardie. We hope you have a good time in the neighborhood!

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