Maine Vacation

Maine Vacation

This October, Sidney and I went to stay in a beautiful cabin on Lower Kimball Lake in Fryeburg, Maine. Hazel, Dinah, and Sidney's Jack loved it as much as we did. The dogs said there was something living underneath the cabin. They spend much their time trying to make it come out. No such luck, but other than that it was a perfect week. Thank you so much, Emily and John.

Before we went, Sidney visited her cousin on Cape Cod. I went down to get her and Susan Sheehan, her daughter Caitlin, and Bailey, Jack's brother came over. In order, from the left, that's Dinah, Nan, Hazel, Sidney, Jack, Susan, Bailey, and Caitlin.

The cabin had a tower with windows all around. It was wonderful. It was like being in a tree house only protected from wind, rain, and cold. It was my favorite place to be, but the dogs "lost" me when I went up there. I'd have to look over the edge to remind them where I was. The picture of the dogs was taken from the sleeping loft on the other side of the cabin.

That's Hazel looking out the window at something that has caught her attention. The cabin was right on the lake. If you stepped off the front porch, you'd better be prepared to swim. Hazel, Dinah, and Jack are posing in front of the view across the lake.

We found this neat old machine on a hike. We figured out that it was a horse drawn snow plow. I turned a handle not expecting it to move but the machine was oiled and ready to use. I guess that's how they clear the paths in the woods. You can see the autumn colors were at their peak. Every where we looked, the foliage was spectacular.

We spent a lot of our time hiking. This trail was called Black Cap Trail. From the top of the mountain, you could see Maine on one side and New Hampshire on the other, including Mt. Washington, the windest and one of the coldest places in the US, except Alaska. After it rained one night, we saw that Mt. Washington was covered with snow. Hazel is standing in front of New Hampshire. Jack and Dinah are having a trail stare-down.

This is coming down the trail, with Hazel being frisky. Jack is being his noble self in this last picture. Jack is a dog who knows the world is at his feet.

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